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J. Charles Griffin Genealogical Research Services specializes in Saskatchewan Record Research, Saskatchewan Homestead Records, as well as Canadian Military Records. J. Charles Griffin Genealogical Research Services was started in 2021 by J. Charles Griffin who is currently working towards his Saskatchewan Record Researcher Certificate from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society.  In addition, he has several years of experience in researching Canadian Military Records.  J. Charles Griffin follows the standards and ethics of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists, organizations of which he is a member. Recently J. Charles Griffin has become a self-published author, with the publishing of his book 8th Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars).  J. Charles Griffin also works on a contract bases with Trace.Com. 



J. Charles Griffin

Owner/ Researcher 


My name is J. Charles Griffin, but friends call me Chuck. From a young age I have always had an interest in history, especially military history as many of my ancestors served as did both my parents. I also have a passion for agriculture,  farming, ranching and pioneer history. I look forward to helping people discover their family's history. 

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