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Genealogical Research 

I offer several different types of genealogical research such as: 

- Saskatchewan Records Search

- Saskatchewan Homestead Records Search

- Canadian Military Records Search 

- Single Index/Database/Archives Search

- Genealogical Photography

- Service Record Binder 

- Custom Searches

Each search type comes with a, free no obligation consultation, written research report and with copies of any documents or photos I can find and obtain. The only exception is the Single Index/Database/Archives Search, results from that search will be emailed to the client. Most copies of documents and photos can be emailed to a client in PDF or JPEG form, but some cannot. (Research Reports are sent in PDF form unless the client specifies otherwise). I do offer paper copies of documents for an additional fee.  For custom searches please contact me so we can come up with a research plan that fits your needs.  

I look forward hearing from you.


Saskatchewan Records Search 

* Includes the persons spouse* 

The Saskatchewan Records Search covers all the basic sources of records for Saskatchewan. This is a great option for clients that  are not sure where to start and or want as much information on a person as possible. Examples of what records are searched in this search type are but not limited to: birth, death, census, homesteading, probate/estate, etc..


Homestead Records Search 

(Saskatchewan Only).

The Homestead Records Search, is a search of homestead and land grant records and is ideal for clients who are interested in researching their ancestor's homesteading past in Saskatchewan. 


Canadian Military Records Search 

J. Charles Griffin Genealogical Research Services offers searches of Canadian Military Records for the following eras:

- South African War/ Boer War 
- First World War (WW1) 
- Second World War (WW2)
- NWMP & Early RCMP

There are some restrictions on certain WW2 records due to privacy legislation.

The Military Records Search is ideal for clients who would like to learn more about their ancestor's military service. 

image0 (1).jpeg

Service Record Book 

The Service Record Book is an option for clients who had a military records search done and would like a nice way to display their ancestor's military service. Each book is customized to the clients liking with a custom cover title. The copies of the service record are printed on good quality paper and the book comes with a cardstock cover and plastic back cover, that way they last for a long time. Clients also have the option of having the research report bound in a similar fashion as well. 

Custom Search 

Custom searches are searches that do not fit into one of the other search categories or is an in depth search of an individual or of multiple individuals. These can be longer term projects and family tree building projects. 


Clients can opt for 
3 Hrs Research time for $54 (minimum) 
5 Hrs research time for $90
10 Hrs research time for $180
20 Hrs research time for $360

Genealogical Photography 

J. Charles Griffin Genealogical Research Services offers genealogical photography services such as headstone and location photography for genealogical research purposes.

Areas in which I can go to conduct the photography are:

- Swift Current and Area

- Stewart Valley

- Kyle

- Saskatchewan Landing 

- Beaver Flat 

- Rush Lake 

- Herbert

- Morse 

- Waldeck 

Single Index/ Database/ Archive Search 

A search of a specific index, database, or Archival Source . The results of this search type are emailed to the client and does not come with a written  research report. It does come with a copy of documents if found and can be obtained. 

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