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Fees and Prices 

All Search Types: 


Comes with a free no obligation consultation. 

I charge an hourly rate of $18 CAD an hour for all search types. 

For the Single Index/ Database Search it is a flat fee of $18.00 CAD. 


Custom searches 


Clients who choose to do a custom search can opt to do the following:

3 hours of research for $54CAD. (Minimum). 

5 hours of research for $90CAD. 

10 hours of research for $180CAD 

20 hours of research for $360 CAD

For Custom Searches clients can set a maximum amount of research hours and can start and stop research as they would like. 

Service Record Book 


Dependent on number of pages in the document. 

Additional Costs 


All search types are subject to any costs for copies and repository access fees. These are passed on to the client. 

All paper copies and Service Record Books are subject to postage fees. 

All CD-ROMS and Thumb drives are subject to postage fees. 

Copies and Printing 


In house: 

Paper Copies: Black and White: $0.30 CAD/ page. Colour: $0.60 CAD/ page. 

Digital Copies: PDF: No Cost. CD-ROM: $6.00. Thumb Drive: $8.00. 


subject to their fee schedules. 

Digitization Services 

$0.30 per photo or document - 300DPI 


I offer a 15% discount on all services to the following: currently serving and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and First Responders. Thank you for your service. 

Payment Options

Please remit payment as soon as possible after receiving your results and invoice. Thank you.

Cash: In person   

Cheque: If paying via cheque please make the check payable to J. Charles Griffin Genealogical Research Services.

E – transfer: use my email

* No refunds for searches that result in negative results as finding no results is a result. * 

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